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At Steuerberatung Schopp, we have specialized in digital tax consulting so that we can provide you with advice anywhere and at any time.

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What we offer you

Services of your tax office

Whether you are successfully self-employed, run a business or are employed, we support you with bookkeeping, advance returns, profit determination and tax returns – all digitally. Below you will find our range of services as an online tax consultant.

Tax advice for founders

In the age of digitalization, young companies can prepare much of their accounting themselves using various programs. We will be happy to advise you on the potential pitfalls and opportunities to set up your company ideally right from the start.

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Tax advice for the self-employed & tradespeople

As tax consultants, we become your digital CFO. We keep your back free by taking care of your finances while you can concentrate on your core business.

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Tax advice for employees

Even if you are in an employment relationship, your monthly net salary can be increased by our expertise as tax consultants. Don't leave the money on the street! We collect it for you!

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Tax advice for landlords

Do you already own a property that you would like to rent out or are you about to purchase one for this purpose? Then you won't unintentionally fall into the first tax traps! We support you even before you buy in order to get the most out of the rental.

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Tax advice for expats

Do you work in Germany and need support with international tax issues, do you need an expat tax return or would you like advice on double taxation (DBA)? Then get in touch with us. We are experts in international tax law and will be happy to help you.

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As a digital tax consultant, we can provide you with flexible support. You can access all services conveniently from home and save valuable time. And although you send us all documents completely digitally and your bookkeeping and VAT returns are also done online, we are always just a click away when you need us.


We do away with long distances, time-consuming appointments and complicated processes. As an online tax consultant, we can provide you with efficient support wherever you are. The electronic transmission and storage of documents saves space and time, as no physical file folders are required. Benefit with us from a new era of tax consulting.


We know our way around! With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, our multilingual team will provide you with comprehensive advice on German and international tax law, expat tax returns, double taxation (DBA), investment properties, setting up a company, optimizing your net salary as an employee and when self-employed.

Your tax office

Tax consultancy Schopp

Even the dense German tax jungle is easy to navigate with the right companion. At Steuerberatung Schopp, we can help you get the best possible refund from your tax return.

Any questions? Talk to us!

Not sure whether an online tax advisor is right for you or whether you have the technical know-how to handle your taxes digitally in future? You don’t know exactly how your professional dreams can be realized financially or have questions about tax law? We are at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.