Tax advice for employees

Are you sure that your tax return is correct? It's time to optimize your taxes and increase your net salary!

Digitale Kanzlei 2023 für Steuerberatung Schopp

Tax advice for employees

Digitale Kanzlei 2023 für Steuerberatung Schopp

Are you sure that your tax return is correct? It's time to optimize your taxes and increase your net salary!

Why does tax advice with a focus on employees make sense?

Did you know that employees who submit a tax return receive an average of €1,000 back from the tax office? But why wait until the tax return? With the right applications, your monthly net salary will increase immediately without having to wait.

Most employees lose track of the tax jungle. Completely understandable. This is because German tax laws are complex and subject to constant change. Many employees also fear that they have not done everything correctly in their tax return. A justified concern, because an incorrectly completed tax return can have not only financial but also legal consequences, as “ignorance is no defense against punishment”.

With our help, all these worries are a thing of the past! As a tax consultant for employees and through our professional advice, we explore all opportunities for you and optimize your tax burden. We ensure that you receive the optimum refund from your tax return.

6 reasons for working with Steuerberatung Schopp as an employee

Use specialist knowledge

We know our way around the German tax jungle and can advise you on how to get the best possible refund - and not just at the end of the year.

Save time

Dealing with German tax law in order to get everything right takes time. Specialist knowledge cannot be acquired overnight. We save you this time.

Avoid mistakes

Errors in your tax return can have unpleasant legal consequences. We help you to avoid mistakes.

Save stress

Who knows it? Papers piling up just before the deadline and nothing is ready? We develop a joint stress-free strategy so that this no longer happens.

Financial planning

As an employee, the right tax class is highly relevant. We determine the best concept for you and your (spouse) partner.

Pension provision & saving taxes

You certainly don't want to keep working forever. We can advise you on a pension plan that will save you tax today.

Cooperation between employee and tax advisor

Would you like to optimize your taxes as quickly as possible in order to increase your net monthly salary? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is how our collaboration will work:


Getting to know each other personally

We are a small but excellent team and focus on personal contact with each of our clients. We are always available by phone and e-mail, but of course we also welcome you at our premises (free parking is available).


Recording the situation

As an employee, your monthly income is usually fixed, but there is still plenty of scope to optimize the taxes you pay. We will clarify for you whether you are already registered in the optimum tax class for you. If you live in a partnership or marriage, we can also determine the optimum tax class for you.


Tax return

For non-experts, the German tax system is quite complex and the stress often associated with it, whether you have really filled in everything correctly, is not a phenomenon to be ignored. As soon as we have evaluated your individual situation and optimized your tax class if necessary, we will be happy to take over your tax return or advise you accordingly so that you receive the optimum refund from your tax return.

Comprehensive tax advice for employees

It is also worthwhile for employees to seek comprehensive advice. Anyone who thinks that the net wage cannot be optimized is wrong. We take a close look at your situation and ensure that you receive the tax benefits to which you are entitled.

Do you know your rights?

In addition to tax obligations, there are also rights to which you are entitled. As an employee, for example, you can also deduct certain expenses related to your work for tax purposes. Do you already know your rights? If not, then it's high time you finally got to know them.

From private pleasure to company cars

In tax law, we speak of deductible expenses and those that fall under "private pleasure". Deductible expenses include income-related expenses such as travel costs from your home to your place of work, training and work equipment (computer, office supplies, etc.). Business-related travel and the associated costs, such as accommodation and meals, and the equipment for a home office are also deductible. A vehicle and a cell phone may also fall under the category of company car or company cell phone and therefore be deductible. Personal leisure activities and general living expenses are called "private pleasures" and are not tax deductible.

Making provisions for tomorrow today

Even if medical treatment, medical expenses and the like are not normally deductible unless they are considered an exceptional expense, the tax rules in Germany are very complex and depend on your individual tax situation and professional activity. What can be deductible, however, is your pension provision. So why not save taxes today and make provisions for the future at the same time?

Digitalization that saves time

In our law firm, we rely on digitalization because it not only saves the lives of many trees, but also saves an enormous amount of time. We meet flexibly online and can therefore support you anywhere in Germany, regardless of where you live. We record financial documents, invoices and receipts electronically, which reduces the amount of manual data entry required. This leaves us more time for your personal support and we put less effort into pure administrative work.

Your contact to us

Tax returns can be so easy - let us help you!

Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are here for you and look forward to a non-binding initial consultation (also possible in person on site by appointment).