Tax advice for expats

We take care of all your tax advice.

Digitale Kanzlei 2023 für Steuerberatung Schopp

Tax advice for expats

Digitale Kanzlei 2023 für Steuerberatung Schopp

We take care of all your tax advice.

Why does tax advice with an expat focus make sense?

We aim to advise you personally, quickly and comprehensibly on the following topics: international taxes, expat tax returns and double taxation (DBA). Are you an expat working/living in Germany? Would you like to have your international tax return prepared reliably and quickly in the German financial system? Do you need an expert to take over the communication with the German tax office and explain the facts in understandable terms?

We are the right contact for precisely this international tax advice for expats. From preparing your tax return and answering queries from the German tax office to checking the tax assessment and any necessary appeals, we take care of these tax issues for you. We support you in German and English with the international tax issues that are interesting, relevant and necessary for you as an expat.

The team at Steuerberatung Schopp is on hand to provide you with advice and assistance. Together we make the complex German tax system manageable and understandable for you. In personal meetings, we use simple questions to work out the important facts and take care of your expat tax issues.

6 reasons to work with the digital tax consultancy Schopp

Personal support

As your partner, we are there for you in all matters relating to your tax and provide you with personal and individual support.

Fast support (within hours)

We don't have long waiting times, so you can get a solution quickly for urgent matters.

Individual solutions

Our work is individually tailored to each customer so that we can achieve the best solutions for you.

Multilingual team

Some topics go beyond the German-speaking world and must be able to be discussed. That is why we are multilingual.

Minimal effort for the expat -> we implement.

We not only support you with advice but also take the work off your hands and implement it.

Experts in international tax consulting

We are experienced in both the German and international markets and can assist you across borders.

Cooperation between expat and tax advisor


Getting to know each other personally

As a digital tax consultancy, we can support you at any location in Germany. In our first meeting we get to know you and your wishes. Specific expat issues such as maintaining residence, moving during the year, spouse tax returns or child benefit are also addressed here in advance.


Your tax return as an expat

We will provide you with a list of documents and evidence that we need for your tax return as an expat. You send it to us digitally and we prepare the tax return for you with all its details and international specifications. In the course of your tax return, we also take care of any queries from the tax office.


Examination of the tax assessment

We check your expat / cross-border commuter tax assessment for accuracy and completeness. If there are any differences here, we will also take care of any objections to your tax return.

Comprehensive tax returns for expats

The language in particular can be a challenge for you as an expat when filing your tax return. The official German used by the tax office is not easy to understand, so it is important to us that you save time and money. The team at Steuerberatung Schopp takes care of your tax matters and takes care of everything except for sending payment receipts.

Submit your tax return and save time

As tax experts with many years of experience in international tax law, particularly in working with expats and cross-border commuters, we are your partner. It is particularly important to us to involve you and your family, and possibly your spouse, and to assess your wishes and current tax situation by asking simple and personal questions. We work with and for you so that you can sit back and relax and don't have to do anything for the German tax office apart from sending receipts. Unlike with purely digital tax software, with us you have a personal contact who will respond to your individual needs as an expat and personally prepare your expat tax return.

Double taxation for expats in Germany and in the country of origin

Complex issues such as the double taxation of expats in Germany and the country of origin must be examined individually and included in the tax return. Our core competencies also include the special features of tax returns for spouses, moving to Germany during the year and avoiding procedural errors. As a digital tax firm with personal contacts, we are there for you and your international tax law issues, regardless of your location. With our experience and expertise in the field of expatriates, we can save you time, money and worry.

We simplify the complex German tax system for you

Our clients are constantly faced with challenges in the German tax system. In addition to the incomprehensible officialese in letters from the tax office, the fear of procedural errors and the associated fines or problems with the tax office is also a major concern. We are happy to take this away from you, because we make it as simple and uncomplicated as possible. We take care of everything from A to Z for your successful tax return. We therefore take care of communication with the tax authorities for you, answer any queries regarding your expat tax return and take care of any objections.

Your contact to us

A correct expat tax return with minimal effort!

Contact us directly now and we will have a solution for your expat tax issues within a few days. We look forward to getting to know you personally and helping you navigate the German tax system.