Tax advice for landlords

Don't give away any taxes when renting out your property. Talk to us before you sign the purchase contract.

Digitale Kanzlei 2023 für Steuerberatung Schopp

Tax advice for landlords

Digitale Kanzlei 2023 für Steuerberatung Schopp

Don't give away any taxes when renting out your property. Talk to us before you sign the purchase contract.

Why does tax advice with a focus on landlords make sense?

Real estate is a popular form of investment. But before the first rent is paid, the first pitfall looms! Because if you sign a purchase contract without talking to your tax advisor first, you may be giving away tax.

Even after a successful purchase, there are a few things to consider in order to get the most out of a rental. At Steuerberatung Schopp, we therefore support you in letting your property by first analyzing your purchase agreement from a tax perspective. After the purchase, we help you with optimal tax planning for repairs and maintenance.

Are you planning to rent to entrepreneurs? You have the option of recovering the input tax from the rental costs. Even if you want to rent to relatives or friends at a reduced rate, it is important to find the tax-optimized rent. All this can be done for you by a tax consultant with a focus on letting, in addition to a tax return.

6 reasons for working with Steuerberatung Schopp as a landlord

Looking ahead

We specialize in tax law for rental properties and know what is important when buying an investment property and can advise you before the purchase contract is signed.


Taxes can also be optimized when renting. The tax laws in this area are complex and not easy to decipher for the layman. You can benefit from our expertise in tax law.


Tax returns and their preparation are time-consuming. We take these tasks off your hands so that you can concentrate on other landlord tasks.


Errors in your tax return can have unpleasant legal consequences and financial penalties. We make sure that your tax return is submitted correctly and on time.


Let's be honest. Tax returns can be quite stressful. We take this stress away from you, in exactly the framework that is best for you.


As tax advisors, we can give you valuable advice when deciding to invest in, buy or sell real estate in order to maximize tax benefits.

Cooperation between landlord and tax advisor

Are you planning to buy a property to rent out or do you already own a rental property? If you need support before you buy or would like to optimize your rental income for tax purposes, we will be happy to help you. And this is what working with us looks like:


Getting to know each other personally

At Steuerberatung Schopp, we rely on personal contact with our clients. Thanks to our digital presence, we can provide you with advice throughout Germany. You can contact us either by telephone or by e-mail. Of course, we also welcome you to our office by appointment.


Situation analysis

Have you already invested in real estate and would like to rent it out, would you like to buy a property first in order to rent it out or are you already a landlord? All of this needs to be clarified. We pick you up exactly where you are and support you in optimizing your taxes as a landlord.


Tax return and input tax

The tax regulations in tenancy law can be complex. It is important that all relevant regulations are complied with and that all possibilities are exhausted, as this is the only way to make a rental worthwhile. Under certain circumstances, the small business regulation can be applied. As a rule, landlords can claim input tax on the VAT they pay on costs and expenses in connection with the letting of properties. We will take the time to clarify whether this is an option for you.

Comprehensive tax advice for landlords

Real estate is considered a stable investment, but it also harbors many pitfalls. To avoid these pitfalls, we support you even before you buy. Both when buying a property and when renting it out later, there are a few things to consider before signing the contract to avoid paying unnecessary taxes later on.

Choosing the right legal form

You should seek advice before buying a property that you want to rent out, because the choice of legal form when buying determines the tax structure later on. We can help you choose the best legal form for buying and renting real estate. You can choose between a personal ownership structure, a corporation and other legal forms. We determine exactly which one is suitable for you, as this depends on numerous factors.

Financing and mortgages

As tax consultants specializing in tenancy law, we can also assist you in structuring the financing of your real estate investment. Different financing options have different tax implications, which we will explain to you in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Value added tax, sales tax and capital gains tax

Different taxes apply to income from a tenancy. In some cases, the purchase and rental of real estate may have VAT or sales tax implications. In addition to current taxes, you should also take into account that capital gains tax may also be payable on any sale.

Inheritance or gift

In some cases, it is also worth thinking about what should happen to the property in the long term. If you intend to pass the property on to heirs or by way of a gift, we can advise you in detail on the best tax strategies for the transfer.

Your contact to us

We are happy to support you with tax optimization when letting

Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are here for you and look forward to a non-binding initial consultation (this is of course also possible in person on site by appointment).